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  • DBF Manager 2.49

    The convenient and feature-rich DBF file structure has survived for decades despite the ever-increasing rate of progress in the world of information
  • PDF Manager 3.00

    PDF Manager enables you to quickly search text in PDF files by performing a speedy full-text search, and enables you to convert PDF files to TXT
  • Dc++ Manager 1.7

    DC++ Manager is a program for those who use DC++ P2P to download files. It offers a lot of features for managing your downloads such as easy deleting,
  • VOB Manager II 2.984

    VOB Video Manager can classify and manage VOB files in your computer easily. No matter under which disk, no matter under the deep table of contents,
  • AIM Log Manager 1.7

    Nalsoft AIM Log Manager is a unique and powerful tool to log, organize, manipulate and analyze trends in AOL Instant Messenger conversations. Basic
  • RVX Manager 1.0

    RVX Manager is a standard, open and flexible ERP solution with the ability to adapt to any business process and control the results with a minimal
  • TV Manager 1

    Anyone should be able to achieve success with skill and hard work - the American dream. Live this dream by taking charge of a small and nearly
  • FTP Manager IRC1.3

    This program supports viewing and file control by FTP-server, exactly as you does this on your local computer. Allows to produce downloading and
  • EMS MS SQL Manager 2.4

    EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a powerful graphical tool for SQL Server administration and development. SQL Manager 2005 works with any SQL
  • Job Manager v1.0

    Know exactly what you've spent, on what you've spent & when you've spent. This software is designed to manage expenses, however it comes with other
  • PLUS Manager 1.00

    PLUS Manager is a Order Processing and Inventory Management software for sheet metal. It helps in estimation, quote generation and inventory
  • EMS SQL Manager for DB2 1.4

    EMS SQL Manager for DB2 is a powerful tool that is complete solution for development and management of DB2 databases. All objects and data types of
  • COM+ Manager 1.14.040909

    Now administrators can easily manage their components/systems identity information with COM+ Manager. Its usage enables them to see the places of
  • USB Manager 1.8 beta

    You can fully control the USB devices such as printers, scanners, audio, etc from the system tray by using handy software utility USB Manager. This
  • HOA/POA Manager 03-15-2016

    BAAC offers Membership/Event/Finance Database Manager for any Membership Organization. Associations, Clubs, Non Profits. In House MS Access Database
  • M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager 2.5

    The dilemma is well known: DVDs are piling up on your shelf? You cannnot remember to whom you have lent which DVD? M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager provides
  • Toy Manager 4.1.0

    Toy Manager is an application that provides the means to keep an inventory of your dolls and toys. Simple and easy to use, it keeps up with all your
  • Toy Manager Pro 1.0.0

    Toy Manager Pro provides easy means to keep an inventory of your dolls and toys. Simple and easy to use, it keeps up with all your dolls and toys
  • EZY Manager 5.4.114

    EZY Manager 5.4.114 is a powerful and splendid tool which is designed for the fund manager and professional trader. It is a comprehensive portfolio
  • LM2 - LAN MP3 Manager 1.0

    With handy software utility LAN MP3 Scanner, you can easily search MP3 either on your home or workplace LAN. It includes LAN MP3 Manager that you
  • CD DVD Manager 1.861

    CD DVD Manager 1.861 is considered to be a professional and effective tool that can help you easily classify and manage all of the video and audio
  • IT Manager 1.21

    IT Manager is a full-featured database system that tracks your Information Technology equipment. IT Manager is a full-featured database system that
  • Mac Log Manager

    Highly interactive Mac Log Manager software facilitates users with sophisticated feature to economically monitor overall unauthorized users performed
  • SQL Job Manager 1.1 Build 2930.

    View and manage SQL Server Jobs. View and manage SQL Server Jobs. SQL job manager is a tool for managing SQL agent jobs across the enterprise.
  • QRM Plus Manager 1.0

    Create restore points with just a click. Create restore points with just a click. QRM Plus Manager is a very easy to use tool designed to enable
  • lan manager

    LAN Manager is a business unit of the LAN monitoring software, is the company's staff, the parents of the children, the teacher is the best choice to
  • Key Manager 1.5

    Key Manager reveals the full potential of your keyboard and mouse and allows you to save time and efforts while working with your computer. Thanks to
  • Just Manager 0.1 alpha 51

    Just Manager is a feature packed, versatile, multi-tabbed multi-pane File Manager for the Windows operating system. It is available in both x86 and
  • DUN Manager 3.6

    DUN Manager is designed to simplify and enhance Dial-Up Networking. Includes scheduled tasks, auto disconnection, reconnection, keep alive, check
  • VCC-300 Manager

    VCC-300 manager allows you to use two separate computers as if you were controlling one computer with a dual monitor, maximizing the work efficiency
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  • TR Class Library 2011.07.24

    This project is a Library containing a pack of useful classes for various projects. Here is a partial list of possibilities: sound manager, input manager, Screen manager, instance manager, error manager, I18N manager,
  • e-Daily Assistant 1.0

    Professional information manager e-Daily Assistant. Professional information manager. Your personal organizer as your home organizer or office organizer. Buried in paperwork? Can't find information? Simplify Your
  • Graugon Extension Manager 1.0

    Extension manager is a free lightweight file Association manager for windows. Extension manager allows you to find out which applications are associated with the extensions on your computer. Extension manager also
  • Hot Sync Manager Removal Tool 1.0

    Hot Sync manager Removal Tool removes HotSync manager files and registry keys from your system. If you suspect that your PC is infected with HotSync manager, you should use this program, because it kills not only the
  • EUSOFT Manager FREE 1.05

    Freeware version of popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Improve your relations with customers and business partners. This CRM software is intended for people who are in everyday contact with
  • USBhive 1.0713

    USBhive is a Personal Information manager designed to run on a USB drive or Pen drive. Some people have called it a Faceless PocketPc or a Poor Man's PocketPc. It features an appointment manager, a task manager, notes,
  • Office Manager 1.0

    A single-user single-server licence to use the Office manager integrated contact manager and document manager so that you (and authorised colleagues) can access documents fast and securely from wherever you have a
  • Process Manager 2 Lite 2.0.50727

    Sometimes our windows task manager get corrupt and does not open correctly and we need task manager at the time so now we can use a substitute for this problem. Process manager 2 Lite is program which tells us about the
  • ContentManager 0.5

    Content manager can import KML or KMZ file and transfer those to the GPS. KML and KMZ are formats most widely known for their use by Google Maps and Google Earth. To update your GPS download content manager and follow
  • QuickData Fix for Task Manager 1.0

    QuickData Fix for Task manager is newly launched tool that assists all users whenever you run the task manager (Using Alt + Ctrl +Del key or by typing "taskmgr" in run window or by right clicking on Task bar) and task
  • FIFA Manager 12 1.03

    FIFA manager 12 is the 11th sequel to the FIFA manager game that comes with a lot more improvements and 700+ new functions then previous versions. In this game you will be the manager of the football club and you will
  • ProjectBudgetManager 3.1

    Project Budget manager is for cost control. Project Budget manager is a cost control program for projects with budgets as small as $500 and as large as $5,000,000 or larger. Developed for engineers rather than
  • My Time Manager 1.0

    Track your time spent on the computer. My Time manager is ideal for keeping track of time spent on daily tasks for both the personal and professional user. Use it to better spend your time on the pc, as well as to
  • PWAM-Free 4.0

    PWAM-Free is password and web account info manager, an all in one secure utility.Main features:-Password & Web Account manager-Online Game manager-Voice Chat System manager-Data Backup System-Easy Export to Excel and
  • IIS Database Manager 1.0

    IIS Database manager allows you to easily manage your local and remote databases from within IIS manager. IIS Database manager automatically discovers databases based on the Web server or application configuration and
  • F1 Manager 1.0

    In the feature rich game F1 manager, you will play a role of manager. As a manager, you will nit only take control of the wheel but will also make decisions. This is actually online browser F1 management game that gives
  • OKI MFP Setup Tool 2.8

    The MFP setup tool can discover devices over USB or network connections.OKI MFP Setup Tool is a free software utility for the MB460L printer.There are 6 main functions included in this piece of software; MFP Settings,
  • MN Startup Manager 1.17

    MN Startup manager is Advanced StartUp manager for Windows. MN Startup manager allows you create new Processes, to delete processes or simply temporarily disable without deleting. MN Startup manager watches the
  • Database Manager 2.1

    The Database manager application will allow you to easily manage your local and remote databases from within IIS manager. IIS Database manager automatically discovers databases based on the Web server or application
  • Big Fish Games: Game Manager

    The Game manager enables you to download and activate both your PC and Mac games. When you download a game from Big Fish Games, the Game manager application is installed on your computer.Click the Game manager icon to
  • ProxyManager 2.30

    Proxy manager is a powerful proxy management tool for Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. Proxy manager can check proxy server, including Http proxy, Https proxy, Ftp proxy,
  • Request Control 1.0 beta 2

    Request Control can help you to manager the software develop process. This software Now have the following features: - manager your softwares - manager your software versions - manager your software version items -
  • Login King Password Manager (Form-Filler Edition) 2007

    You can say that the Login King Password manager is the best utility for the Password manager category. This latest password manager is developed by a group of ex-Microsoft programmers. It works best with both IE and
  • Dream Manager 1.3

    Dream manager is a desktop background manager and switcher for Windows Vista operating systems that have Startdock's DeskScapes installed. Using Dream manager you will be able to setup how often you would like you
  • Music Manager 9.16

    Music manager: Where to get a good Music Management Software? Manage music, automatically sort music and organize music with automatic Music manager. Music manager - is a music management software, music management
  • Enable Task Manager 1.0

    Enable Windows Task manager When you try to open Windows Task manager, by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL the following error often appear. Utility to fix error "Task manager has been disabled by your administrator". This
  • zBoot Manager 2.13

    Booot manager and partition manager zBoot manager is an effective boot manager and partition manager, which allows you to easily install and use multiple operating systems on a single hard drive. It supports most
  • CodeMeter Password Manager 4.40.687.500

    The CM Password manager allows you to store convenient but secure passwords, PINs and TANs in the CmStick. With CM Password manager you can carry your online access as easily as your house key. The CodeMeter Password
  • Control Freak 1.0

    Control Freak is Windows File manager that incorporates several other applets into one seamless application. You get an Explorer like file manager, a full-featured email client, an FTP client, a zip file manager, a cab
  • Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 Database Tool 4.0.9925

    This tool allows administrators to host Business Contact manager for Outlook 2010 database on a computer on which Microsoft Office 2010 and Business Contact manager for Outlook 2010 are not installed. Once installed on a