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  • B1 Free Archiver 1.0.37

    Fast and simple. Works on all platforms. Excellent compression. 100% free B1 Archiver is 100% free file Archive Manager. You can use it on any computer and you don't have to register or pay anything. Feel free to
  • MSU Lossless Video Codec 0.6.0

    free high quality lossless video codec. This codec is intended for lossless video compression (used for saving master copies or intermediate rendering results). It has the best compression ration among free lossless
  • sfArk SoundFont Compression 2.15

    Now you can perform lossless compression on SoundFont files by using handy software application sfArk SoundFont compression. It has user friendly interface. It supports following modes of compression: fast, turbo,
  • PipeBoost 3.0.306

    The handy HTTP compression software PipeBoost is basically used for the compression of static/dynamic contents. You can specify custom compression strategy as well. It supports working on Internet Information Services
  • PowerArc 1.31

    High efficient Data compression Library for use with Delphi, C++ or VB. Support Rank, ZIP, BZIP and PPM compression algorithms. compression ratio more than 1.5-2 times better than ZIP/rar archiver. compression speed up
  • HaoZip 3.0

    A powerful archive manager, a free compression software. A powerful archive manager, a free compression software. Original file filter list by top technical experts of the industry, HaoZip will work-out the best
  • LuraWave Smart Compress 3.0.2

    LuraWave SmartCompress is a free stand-alone application for LuraWave image data compression. You may convert common image file formats into or from the LuraTech Wavelet Format (*.lwf).LuraWave is a state-of-the-art
  • IDS Compression Estimator 1.0

    IDS compression Estimator is used to determine the potential compression benefit of using the IDS compression feature. The tool does not read the actual data pages, but depends on the statistics within the IDS catalog.
  • Chilkat Data Compression ActiveX 1.4.5

    The Chilkat compression component provides general in-memory data compression. It supports the following compression algorithms: PPMD, Deflate, Bzip2, and LZW. It provides "Begin", "More", and "End" methods allowing for
  • ZipEnable 4.0.3

    HTTP compression speeds up file delivery across the Internet, keeps your users happy with faster page loads, and dramatically reduce s bandwidth costs. compression was non-existent on IIS 4 and broken on IIS 5, but
  • Easy Compression Library for ActiveX 1.00

    With Easy compression Library ActiveX you can add advanced compression and encryption functionality to your projects as quickly and easily as never before. Based on new original One-Stream technology, this toolkit has
  • Flash Compression 1.0

    With Flash compression you can quickly compress any Flash file-such as a Flash banner, Flash presentation, slide-show, Flash intro or the whole Flash website-it is possible to reduce the size by up to 60-70% Flash
  • aPLib 1.01

    aPLib is a compression Library based on the Algorithm used in aPACK (my executable compressor). aPLib is an easy-to-use alternative to many of the heavy-weight compression libraries available. The compression ratios
  • Cole2k Media - Nero Audio Plugin Pack 1.53

    Now you can burn any format on the disc by using this package that contains collection of Nero Burning Rom plug-in. it supports Xiph.org Ogg Vorbis; Real Networks RealAudio/Real Media; Soft Sound
  • WinShrink 1.0

    WinShrink is a completely free compression utility that supports all of the major compression formats including... ZIP,rar,7z,ARJ,ACE,ARC,CAB,BH,ZOO,LHA,TAR,JAR WinShrink has many great features including the ability
  • Easy Compression Library 5.30

    With Easy compression Library you can add advanced compression and encryption functionality to your projects as quickly and easily as never before. Based on new original One-Stream technology, this toolkit has everything
  • CyberArchive 1.1

    Cyber Archive is a data compression and archival program which also serves as a demonstration for the Cyber compression Suite and Cyber Operations data compression services. Our service includes taking your existing data
  • OverZip Compression Booster 4.0

    OverZip compression Booster is very well suited for lossless compression of rar archives with JPEG files from your digital camera, with MP3 files for your iPod, with PDF, SWF, ZIP/JAR, or PNG files. The program allows to
  • Nero Mega Plugin Pack 1.0

    You can use Nero Mega Plug-in Pack for following media: APE Monkey\'s Audio Lossless compression; RM/RA RealNetworks RealMedia/RealAudio; OFR OptimFROG Lossless Audio Coder; FLA (FLAC) free Lossless Audio Codec; AAC/MP4
  • Reasonable Archiver 1.1

    Archiver is a new file compression tool, which distinguish itself from traditional file compression with optimized compression ratio. Using technology in Reasonable NoClone, Archiver optimizes compression by removing
  • AnyFileCompressor Alpha

    The AnyFileCompressor is a file compressor that compresses ANY file upto 70%. It is a very simple tool with a straight design. The compression ratio depends on the FileSize and the format of the file. A AVI-file reaches
  • zlib for Linux 1.2.5

    zlib is designed to be a free, general-purpose, legally unencumbered -- that is, not covered by any patents -- lossless data-compression Library for use on virtually any Computer Hardware and operating system. The zlib
  • JurikSoft Compression Library 1.1.0

    JurikSoft compression Library is a .NET component with a set of methods, which allow Compress array of bytes using lossless compression algorithms. Current version of compression library include following compression
  • CompressionMaster Suite 6.30

    compressionMaster Suite is the most advanced data compression library available for Delphi and C++ Builder. The Suite includes three independent data compression products: Easy compression Library, FlexCompress and
  • DNACompress 1.0

    DNAcompress is a fast and efficient compression Algorithm for DNA sequences. In the Spirit of Lempel-Ziv compression scheme, it first finds all approximate repeats that would provide compression profits via
  • SIF1 video codec 1.20

    SIF1 - is a free universal video codec. It's a multimedia compressor/decompressor which registers into Windows collection of multimedia drivers and integrates into any application using DirectShow and Microsoft Video for
  • BioLZMA 1.0.1 Beta

    BioLZMA is a user-friendly cross-platform DNA data compression software developed by Shenzhen University - Texas Instruments DSPs Laboratory. Written in Python, BioLZMA is open source under license GNU GPL v3.
  • ZlibStream for .NET 1.0.3484.0

    ZlibStream for .NET is a 100% managed version of zlib (or JZlib) compression Library which implements deflate and zlib compression algorithms. Features: * C# source code * 100% managed, without unsafe blocks * free
  • WinRAR 5.01

    Winrar is a System Utilities software developed by rarLAB. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Winrar: Winrar is a powerful compression
  • UPX 3.07

    UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats. It achieves an excellent compression ratio and offers very fast decompression. Your executables suffer no