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  • OLYMPUS DSS Player-Lite 2.1.1

    The supported file types of handy OLYMPUS DSS player-Lite are as follow: WAV files (extension: .wav); DSS files (extension: .dss); VAL files (extension: .val); WMA files (extension: .wma).it is basically used for
  • ePubHub

    The newest versions of ePubHub _require_ .Net framework 4.0. An sourseforge.net document editor designed for creating ePub eBook files.A file type is a file that has an embedded signature that tells the operating system
  • Aud Player 1.0 Beta 1

    This is a .aud player that can be used in both Windows or DOS. This is the first beta of my new AUD player for Windows, which will also be used in RA-MIXer 6.0 for Windows (not released yet!). AUD player for Windows
  • File Compression Extension for AnyFileBackup (Form

    File Compression extension for AnyFileBackup (Formerly File Compression extension for Network File Monitor) released as a simple yet effective extension that allows to compress the transferred files. This
  • Extreme Flash Player 1.1

    Extreme Flash player is an easy to use program that allows you to play files with the SWF extension. You can view, play and clean recently played files, change the theme of the player, you can customize the visual
  • Change File Extension Shell Menu 2.8.6

    The Change File extension Shell Menu is a powerful and reliable program with an easy to use interface that helps you to change file extension. You can rename one file extension, selected files, or all files in any
  • Extension Gallery Inspector 0.2

    Get detailed report on what each extension in a gallery is doing before installing it. Displays: - List of granted permissions (what this extension has access to) - extension features (whether or not it has toolbar
  • RenamerChangeExtension 1.1

    (renamer) How to change extension(s). The utility for package renaming of files. Basename isn't modified. More than 10 algorithms of change of extension of files. The procedure adding the counter in a name of a file if
  • File Encryption Extension for AnyFileBackup (Forme

    File Encryption extension for AnyFileBackup (Formerly File Encryption extension for Network File Monitor) regarded as a convenient and useful tool which enables you to to compress the transferred files. This
  • Browser Backgrounds 1.0

    Till Now users would only install Backgrounds on their computer desktops. But Browser Backgrounds is the new Firefox extension that lets you install backgrounds directly on your browser. Think about having your
  • WhatFile 1.0 Beta 3

    Windows files use extensions like "bmp" and "exe" to allow you and other programs to tell what type they are. But a lot of files have the incorrect extension. For example some programs, even Windows itself, will often
  • VLCWatcha 0.7

    This extension is a mighty practical use of the famous Media player VLC (www.videolan.org) throught the VLC mozilla plugin. It allows to visualize directly in our browser the content of whatever media files before it
  • NewTabBookmarks 0.0.5

    The extension transformed the newTab PaGE into a view about your bookmarks. In the setting you can define the shown Folders. This is the first release of the extension, please be appreciative of possible bugs. Enjoy
  • Color Storm Professional

    Color Storm Professional edition uses the same executable as Home edition, and provides the following extensions: 1. Picasa Web Album extension Providing the ability to explore and manage Picasa Web Album. 2. Paint
  • Graugon Extension Manager 1.0

    extension Manager is a free lightweight file Association Manager for windows. extension Manager allows you to find out which applications are associated with the extensions on your computer. extension Manager also
  • DriveCam Event Player

    The DriveCam Event player is a standalone program that allows you to view DriveCam Video Event files (*.DCE file extension) outside of DriveCam Online or HindSight 20/20 software. This latest DriveCam Event player is
  • Notepad Xpress

    Mainly an extended Notepad with Rich Text editing cabilities, tabbed interface and formatting options; Includes built-in Calculator, Media player and Web Browser; Inludes the built-in Windows extension Manager.
  • Viamatic Tabnail 0.4

    The Viamatic Tabnail extension is an extension which you should use if you have a slow internet connection. It lets you preview the pages as they load in realtime. It adds thumbnail of the PaGE that is being loaded into
  • Marathi Spell Checker

    This extension will work only if the Marathi spell check extension is installed as well. It borrows the Wordlist from that
  • Free FLV Player 2.3

    As an excellent Flash video player, Sothink FLV player is small sized and completely free for users to play flv video files. It supports to play all video files with an FLV extension (*.flv), including those encoded by
  • Flash MP3 Player DW Extension 1.0.0

    Attract more visitors to your website using sound tracks! Flash MP3 player is the simplest method for adding audio to your website. This Dreamweaver extension has about 70 parameters, which you can adjust according your
  • Eltima SWF Movie Player for Mac 6.6

    SWF & FLV player is a free and smart Flash movie player. It is the only stand-alone application for Mac OS that is able to playback SWF and FLV files with plenty of bonus features. It supports FLV and other video
  • MR Techs Toolkit 6.0.4

    The primary goal of this extension is to provide the tools needed to install and manage extensions and themes locally. To do this the extension provides multi-extension installation support, hacking capabilities to the
  • Mark Reader 1.0.0

    View saved 3DMark result (.3dr extension) and PCMark result (.pcr extension). That are difficult to open .3dr or .pcr files? Mark Reader is used as the solution, that was developed to be minute tool providing a rapid
  • F1 Project Post Beautifier 1.5.0

    This extension is meant to be used only by F1Project players. At the moment the game supports only Italian language and also does my extension. This extension automatically reads datas from F1Project website and
  • What's This File Type? 1.3.1

    What's This File Type? tells you what a file is, and what program created it. All you have to do is right-click on the file, and select 'Bloody Hell! What's this File Type?' (other text available if you're sensitive). If
  • Multiple Rename 1.0

    Rename Multiple files at once with this powerful tool. You can do Large Case, Upper Case, Lower Case, Insert Text, Insert Incremented Number, Replace/Remove Substring, Trim extension, Change extension, Replace
  • Music Player Minion 2.1.1

    Music player Minion is a client for the Music player Daemon network music player. The purpose of MPD and it's clients is to allow music Playback on one PC (such as a home media server) to be controlled from another
  • EZWebinar Live Plugin

    This extension nsLivePlugin service for EZWebinar product during a Webinar,which include some features: 1, the extension can only run in Windows XP /2000/Vista ,because of Mediaplayer limitation 2,the extension need
  • DropDownloadURL 1.0.4

    DropDownloadURL is a utility for batch downloading and aggregating resources from a given URL. DropDownloadURL will optionally collect the downloaded files into subfolders of the destination based on their extension.